Puppy-show in our hometown. Banana

A very strange day with a strange judgement and strange ring-placement!
Started of with our ring... down in the basement. It took only a short time then the air was gone and it was hot like and owen down there. The floor was slippery and the ring was small... Not impressed at all!
The judgement was really strange. I can take that a judge dont like my dogs, but I have never got so stupid and more or less "incorrect words", I can only guess the judge wasn´t a cc-judge(?). He totally HATED Wooki... fine by me(!), but saying he needs a stronger back and better back-angulation and that his head is to wide is just f*cked up Saying he has a very long back, like it was a bad thing? The CC SHOULD have a normal to long back....
He seemed to like Banana, placed her on 3rd place. But even if he said "very beautiful female all-in-all" she didnt deserve an simple HP?
Sessan was placed after Banana as 4th female in class, with the words "large/high female" .. she is not over maximum hight AND she is exalty the same size as Banana but she has good size?

WookiEven if we knew it wouldnt go well, we had paid the fee and entered the "sibbling-class". Where the judge said it was 3 very good dogs, but one of them stood out (Wooki) and therefor no HP. Well ... he IS a boy and should not be a copy of his 2 feminine sisters?!
Sibbling-class: "Fin helhet och samling av 3 syskon. God kvalité. 2 individer med päls och 1 naken. Rör sig mkt fint sett från sidan och presenteras väl i ringen. En av individerna skiljer sig i typ därför inget HP"

"Oblivion Abandon all ships" - Wooki unplaced in class
"Oblivion Annihilation" -Banana 3rd in class (6-9 months)
"Oblivion Asking Alexandria" -Sessan 4th in class 6-9 months)


Awesome Offical debute for the 3 sibblings! Wooki

We went the 3 hour long drive to Växjö CACIB-show with no expectations what so ever due to a huge puppy-class of 15 puppies! The results of the day nearly blew my mind!
If it wasn't for a beautiful black puffgirl that became BOB, they took jackpot this day!
Wooki"Oblivion Abandon all ships" - Wooki became best male with HP (and then BOS-puppy)
"Oblivion Annihilation" -Banana 2nd best female with HP
"Oblivion Asking Alexandria" -Sessan 3rd best female with HP

Myzty also did great in a very big Championclass. Both she and Banana was in heat and wasn´t on the best mood and just wanted to go home. And because of that im thrilled about the results today!
"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" - Myzty got the 4th place in champion-class with CQ






Huge update on the site! Banana

My wonderful sibblings "Oblivion Annihilation" -Banana and her brother "Oblivion Abandon all ships" - Wooki have entered the show-rings in puppy-class. They are very stable and fun to show, and they really love it. Hope it continues like that! They also got their own pages now! And their first 3 shows ented up as follows:

Wooki"Oblivion Annihilation" - 3x HP, 1x BOB-baby 2x BOB-puppy, 1x BOS-puppy and BIG2-puppy

"Oblivion Abandon all ships" - 3x HP, 1xBOS-baby, 2x 2nd best malepuppy.

Misty"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" - Myzty also entered the ring, 5 months after giving birth to her litter at the International CACIB-show in Ronneby.
First time in Championclass, not in total good bodycondition, but she was really glad to be back in the ring and placed herself as 2nd best championfemale, and then ented up as 4th Best female!

CK2nd place in class4th best female

SessanAll of the pups have got new homes. Thank you so much for giving them the best you can!

One of them did her debut in the show-ring today (7 months old)!
I´m very proud to announce that "Oblivion Asking Alexandria" - Sessan became BOB-puppy and BIG1!
Congratulations Lena & Lena-Maria Blom @ ChinoPata's kennel !!


Welcome Oblivions A-litter!

... and what a litter it is!

On March 21 "Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" gave birth to 5 wonderful puppies. 1 Hairless female, 2 PP-girls and 2 PP-boys ... all with amazing colors!
They are now 7 weeks old and are ready to find new homes !
You can see pictures and read more about all this on the litter-page !

And I will also take the oppertunity to say that Im very sorry for the VERY bad update-status on the page the last half-year or so. It has been much other things in my live and I just havent had the time.
Now I have alot to catch up on here, so hope you´ll manage! :)




FINALLY!! The girl got what she deserved, her longed for champion-title!!
"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" (3 weeks into her pregnancy) charmed her way through the judge, that just loved her sweet and happy nature, to a 2nd place on the international show in Fredericia Denmark. And with that awarded her with her 3rd, and final, CAC, 1 more CACIB and to top it all of with a Champion-titel!





Amsterdam Winnershow-2010

We desited to do a small vaccation and took some of the dogs and went to the Netherlands and with that, Amsterdam!! First off: We absolutly loved the city and will surely return shortly!
We made it to the "Amsterdam winner-show" on Saturday where "Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" did exeptionaly great and ended up as top 4 females. We didn't get the Dutch show-judging to 100%, where just 1-2 dogs got the placements, but whatever! Misty did great and we had a very nice weekend. On the way home on sunday we did a quickstop in Denmark and showed the dogs on a CanisMinor show where "Cool crowd's Fab Maricruz Delgado" took the CAC with a BOS-placement and theirby got her Danish champion-title. Misty was placed one step behind her

"Cool crowd's Fab Maricruz Delgado" have also been in Bulgary with her owner and kicked ass and went home as a new Bulgarian Champion, and then it just took one CAC in Denmark to get the title there, and thats what she did on this show, just a few weeks after Bulgary
BIG CONGRATULAIONS to Sussi and her new:
Bulgarian and Danish champion!!


3-days national show in denmark!

What a success !! Approx 25 entries in the breed.
"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" places herself as 2nd BF on friday, 4th BF on sunday... and accomplished something, on saturday, that very few Chinese Crested has done:

1st place in the BOS-Best in show final !
(after getting the BOS and her second CAC).

"Solino's Pokerface" did his debut in the official ring on sunday. The judge loved him, and he got his excellent and good words, but he was abit to unfocused to deserve a placement, but Im happy with that. He did well for a hyperactive beginner

"Cool crowd's Fab Maricruz Delgado" Did great on friday and stood as 4th Best female. A "very good" on Saturday and an "Excellent" on Sunday
Due to her lack of intressed and entusiasm in the ring, she will be showned on the allready paid shows, and then she will have a break from the show-rings for awhile. And Sussi will focus on her newcommer Teddy instead


2-days national show in denmark!

"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" got her Excellent the first day with fantastic words but for some reason got to be one of the only 3 females that didn't got a Best-female placement haha. It tends to go horrible when you somehow expect the opposite, and I did that day due to the VERY small entry with fewer females all-in-all that she usually stands before in just her own class. "Shit happends" as they say right?
But she maked up for it the following day and got her first BOS and Danish CAC !!

We waited 4-5 hours for the BOS-BIS finals and when I got into the ring the judge inspected every dog but hated the CC apperently(?) and didn't even took half of a second to look at Misty when she walked right passed us, so that was a total waist of time and extremly irritating. Can't you atleast PRETEND to be a bit intressted when you know most of the owners with their dogs have waited hours for the finals?




CRUFTS-qualificationshow in Denmark!

"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" ended up as 2nd best female with R-CACIB (yet again one placement after the CAC and real CACIB But we hopefully get that later this year, Misty really deserves it!)

The judge thought that "Cool Crowd's Fabulous Maricruz Delgado" wasn´t fully developed yet and put a "very good" on her and that was the end of this day.

A huge praise to the judge that even after a real downpour of rain, he was very happy and joked about something every minute. Its a pleasure to show for such a person, even if it doesn´t goes that well (placement-wise)...

Huge congrats to Carina Stark at Cool Crowds kennel that both went BOB (new DKUCh, NordUCh, INTUCh) and BOB-puppy (and BIS4- puppy) with 2 of her dogs!


Canis Minor in Denmark!

I showed "Cool crowd's Fab Maricruz Delgado" to her first Danish CAC, only 14months old!

We all thought that the judge would love "Lohamras oh sweet mystery" But she got a "very good" and the worst judgement ever. hahah! And that was that...

Congrats to Elin at Sirroco kennel that got Best female and Best male placements both here and in Malmö the day before with Chibi and Mosez. And its always a pleasure to have you here!




International show in Denmark!

After a very long and nervbreaking judgement where the judge had an extremly hard time desiding who's the best female between "Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" and "Bed'ykins A'int A Saint", Misty ended up as 2nd best female with R-CACIB!

Congrats to Gunilla Skafar at Scafar's kennel that finally got her Danish championship and BOS on Alexi that day!
I can give you that CAC with a smile on my face this time





I´ve added "Cool crowd's Fab Maricruz Delgato" to the dog-page since we always travel and show together (me and Sussi), and they are a part of the gang and its a possibility that I will lend her and have a litter after her later on.
-Visit Tintins page here-

I finally got my kennelname. And I'm now the proud owner of Kennel Oblivion, and with that I have also changed layout on the page and small stuff. Images-updates on Misty and Yumyum.

Due to break-up between me and my sambo, I don't have the cats anymore (as you can see).
I will focus on the dogs as it is right now





2 days show in Denmark!

I went to Copenhagen this weekend and I´m thrilled about the results!
"Lohamra's Oh sweet mystery" have really turned out to be a wonderfull showdog, both in mind and body now at 4½ years of age, and she placed herself as 4th best bitch on DKKs show on Saturday.
And on sunday and the important "Copenhagen winnershow 2009" she did better then ever before and she won her class, and then took the 3rd place in the Best bitch competition and got her first CACIB for swedish judge Joakim Ohlsson.

So all in all, this month has been amazing!
4 shows. 2 of them with 3rd placement in her class (with huge entrys) and with CK (exellent). And then 2 shows with 3rd and 4th placement in Best bitch and also with a CACIB. And this is just a few months after she gave birth. I´m almost speechless!
I love her so much this girl!





2 days show in Helsingborg!

The weekend didn´t start off like we planed to. 2 minutes after I started drivning, I noticed that the car had a flat tire, and I was allready late. It´s a 1 hour drive to Helsingborg, so I called my wonderfull parents, and they came and we swopped cars. But I missed "Solino´s Pokerface" judgement with FIVE god damn minutes, so I didnt participade in the competition, but he got his judgement. The second day, he got the 5th place in puppyclass. Mostly because of his stuburness on the table (he´s not scared, he just hate to be helled in place) and his bad skinn. That he got mostly of food-allergy, and also regular teenage-pimples. I will let him (and his skin) rest this year I think. Its like throwing money in the lake to enter shows right now.

"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" came on 3rd place in her class, both days, with a huge competition of 18 bitches in her class. So I´m happy with her results, and she is always a thrill to show. My little beautiful princess!

Sussi's girl, "Cool Crowds Fab Maricruz Delgado" came 2nd i puppyclass with HP. Congrats!





"Solino's Pokerface" BOB-puppy !

We went on our second show with our pupps, Sussi and me. Yet again for
CC-judge: Bengt-Åke Bogren

Yumyum was up against one girl in the BOB-competition and charmed his way to the top and became Best of breed-puppy (4-6month).

Sussi's girl, "Cool Crowds Fab Maricruz Delgado", also did great and ended up as BOB-puppy (6-9 months). Both YumYum and TinTin behaved great and we are happy over the days results!
See more of the pictures and judgement on YumYums page!

Some weeks ago I was in Alunda and picked up Misty from her breeder, now her puppy-time is over... for this time
And I had the chance to see her son "Dunder", such an gorgeous little fellah .
He is going to stay at Kennel Lohamra, and I wish you all the best with him Gerd!
He is absolutly addorable!
I took some pictures of him. You can see them om Mistys page or on his own CC.no page!

Also! We wont have any Oriental/siamese litters at all from now on!
Due to relationship break-up: Me and my ex desited that I will keep the dogs (as they were mine) and he will take over the cats.






"Solino's Pokerface" made his debut in the Show-ring!

On the same day he turned 4 months old, me and a friend of mine went to a small show for practice. Judge: Bengt-Åke Bogren

Yumyum was up against a beautiful 1 month older boy from Finland, and after some hard time deciting which one that was the best, the judge placed Yumyum second with HP.
Im overall happy how yumyum accted in the ring, he ran well, but he got distracted of all the noice around him. And like I had expected, he hated the table
  But he is so young so I dont care about this at all ... His time will come!

My friend Sussi took her 5½ months old puffgirl "Cool Crowds Fab Maricruz Delgado" and it was the first time in the ring for both of them. But that was hard to see because they both behaved likes total pros! Just look at the picture here on the right!
See more of the pictures and judgement on YumYums page!






Yesterday "Lohamra's Oh sweet mystery" gave birth to a PP-boy!

I got an e-mail from her breeder Gerd today, saying that Misty delived a wonderfull, big and healthy powder puff boy yesterday.
The picture is misleading, he is not redish, he has a very rare grey colored coat. Very simular to a Weimaran dog

How very exciting!
Only time can tell if he is going to keep this cool color or if he will change (as many does), and I'm waiting abit impatienty to see how he (and his coat) turns out!

Both me and Gerd was hoping for some more puppies due to our intresst in this particular combination between this two beautiful dogs so we both could have one ... but you never have any control over the genetics



Unfortunately, after some suspicions on "S* Jackpotts If I can dream" all to small stomache, I went and did an ultrasound on her,
and I had it confirmed that "Izi" wasn't pregnant this time.  
We will try to mate her again with "DK* Nissens Niro" on her next heat!
     So I´m very sorry to say: We are not expecting any Oriental and Siamese-litter in June!






We welcome "Solino's Pokerface" to Sweden!

He´s name is "YumYum" and he's an much longed for Import-male from Kennel Solino's in Germany, after some great US/Canadian- and some UK-lines.
He will be my first boy, and what a boy he is !!

I think he is everything that I ever wanted in a Chinese, and he´s really a dream coming true and I want to personaly thank Iris, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me take care of him. THANK YOU!

I´m very excited to get to know him and see how he turns out. (And crossing my fingers that he will do great with the ladies in the house and behave like a gentleman )

... Welcome to the family babylove!






Kinestoppen April0909.04.07
"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" are for the moment 10th Best dog in the breed in Sweden!

Misty have placed herself on the swedish Chinese crested-toplist as 10th Best CC and 7th best bitch on CCClub.se
Wich is, offcourse, a great honour and happyness for me and yet one more bonus from past months success. Unfortunatly it won´t last that long due to her mating and puppy-buisness so I cant show until the winter, but I´m thrilled anyway and lets see how things goes later on. We did it once, maybe we can do it again!






TurboExpecting Oriental- & Siamesekittens in June (w.23)!

S* Jackpott´s If I can Dream
- "Izi" (OSH n - Black Oriental shorthair)
DK* Nissen's Niro - "Turbo" (SIA n - Seal Pointed siamese)

Both parents are healthy, beautiful, and very social individuals, so we expect equal kittens
Contact me on kiriekirie@gmail.com (as a first contact) and tell me abit about yourself and family situations!

Pedigree for the litter





"Lohamras Oh sweet mystery" are mated with "Lohamras Daiquiri" !

DennisMistyOBS! The litter are taken by kennel Lohamra in Alunda.
  Contact Gerd Bastholm on: (0046)0174-106 38 or info@lohamra.com

Pedigree for the litter

Both are scant showned in the rings, but have Best Bitch- and Best male placements (+ CERT on Dennis).
Knees and eyes are checked and are normal on both Misty and Dennis

Notice about the litter (counted 4 lines and 3 years back in time):

Dennis is a son to the 3rd Best Studmale -08, 8:e -07 "NORDCH V-Max du Domaine Du President", who is a son to the fantastic studmale "VDHCh DECh DCh INTCh LVCh LUXCh NUCh LvW-05,VDH-EUW 05, German Clubwinner 05, German Bundessieger 05 The Natural N'Co" and successfull "INTCH NORDCH Prefix Hotlips", who is after the 1st Best Studbitch -05, -06, -07 & -08 "FRCh INTCh LUXCh NordCh Prefix Absolutely Fabulous" and a granddaughter to the 1st Best studmale -07, -08 , 3:e -06 "GBCh LUXCh SUCh Moonswift Crazy Horse".

Misty is a daughter to the 10th Best studmale -08, 7th Chinese of the year -05, 1st Junior-chinese -03 "ESTCh INTCh NORDCh NordJW-03 Lohamras Hot Shot Panda Boy" who is after the 9th Best studmale -05 "Lohamras Guldnougat" and 3rd Best studbitch -05 "Lohamras Emelie Lakritzkola". Misty is also a granddaughter to the 8th Best studmale -06 and famous "INTCh NORDCh NORDV-01, KBHV-02 Lohamras Dukat" and "INTCh NORDCh Lohamras Crepe Suzette".

Misty på Svensk vinnarutställning Misty  hemma efter SV-09

Lohamras Oh sweet mystery - "Misty" took her first Best Bitch- placement, after close to non ring-entering for 2½-years (since she was a youngster) and did it with bravura!
4th best bitchCertificate quality   Carole Garhöfer, from Austria, placed her as 4th Best bitch on the enormous show "Swedish winner 2009" with 94 dogs in the breed! And by that, she won over close to 50 bitches
Words can´t express how proud I am over her, and how glad I am that she finally got some well-deserved credit for the wonderfull girl she truly is!

... And what a great finnish of before her debut as a mother, when she the day after went to her breeder for mating !



Qita och Chibi efter helgens framgångar!09.03.21
3:aCKBIS3 ChampionatBäst i rasenElin from kennel Sirocco, paid us a visit, all the way from the north of Sweden, and we went to Denmark with her girls. Her beautifull puffgirl "Qita" (Such Nuch Finuch Norduch Intch BIS Nikita) did what she was born to do and took the Best in show 3 and even a new Danish championship-titel. Misty had to stay at home due to not finnished bloodtest for rabies
  Littlesister "Chibi" (Vanitonia Rumor has it) stood one step ahead of Misty as 3rd Best bitch the day after on the "Swedish winner 09"-show and by that got the non-official title "Swedish junior winner-09" when she won the Junior-class. Huge Congrats!


Misty birMisty i bedömningBäst i rasen09.03.07
As a little warm up for the swedish winner-show, I took Misty to a little non-official show. Where she after 4-5 hours long waiting in a very cold ridinghouse made mami very proud and showed herself like she never did before and made the judge fall inlove with her on the spot and gave her the BOB-ribbon!
but after 2 more hours in the cold house, I, more or less, had to bend her away from the warm blankett to enter the BIS-finale with the breederjudge Bengt-Åke Bogren. She ran and stack as I asked her to, but with no "fire" what so ever... she just wanted to go home, and frankly, I was feed up on it to ... and that we did

Till toppen Framsidan Frågor och svar Kontakta mig