"... I can escape from Alcatraz!"


    Born: 2011.03.21

    Height: 34 cm / 13.4 in
7 kg / 15.4 lbs

    Type/Gender: Powder puff male
    Registration no.: SE32738/2011

Health: PLL- Clear BD, prcdPRA- Clear, Patella- Normal, CERF- Clear (May -15)

Stud-service info: Click here

Sire. Of to Cool Crowd´s Ze Zatopene Chajdy
     Dam. SECh DKCh KLBVTW-13 VDHVCh CERVCh GVW-14 Lohamras Oh sweet mystery

Lives @ home.


Wooki is from my first litter, I wasn't planing at all to keep a powder puff from the litter and especially not a male!
But Wooki was the first one that stood out from the bunch, when all the other pups screamed in the puppybin, he just laid there and purred like a weird combo of a dove, Chewbacca and a cat. Even if he barrily just opened his eyes and couldn´t even stand up, he seemed to take the world at eas and just enjoy every minute. And this is when this big chubby lump just stole my heart!

And as he started to grow and get more character I just loved him even more! He has the most beautiful head I´ve seen on a male! Its masculine and strong with beautiful eyes. I knew from the beginning that he would probbably be a pretty large male, and due to the hard competition in Swedish show-rings this made me think, but I just couldn't sell him. He has the most amazing temper Ive came across and to be honest not so "chinese crested"-like. He´s just so laid back, dont care about anything and can lay down and sleep pretty much everywhere not to let anything bother him. A very openminded and loving male!
Allthough he is quite large, he has everything else I want in a PP-male!

Now at only 3 years of age he has not less then 17 Champion- and Winnertitles and I hope (and think) it will be a few more before 2014 ends

He really is very simular to a small Afghanhound with his color, ears down, long strong body and wonderful movements And like I said... a head to die for, long straight beautiful back, great angulations and front, a long strong neck, great coat, excellent bite! Love this dog to death!

Clip1: Wooki jumps 143cm(The next day when we raised the fence to 155cm, witch is nose-hight, he still managed to get over!! ) Clip2: Wooki show-training @ 6months, he wasn´t in 100% focus this day and this shows in a bit high frontsteps and not streched out movements all-in-all. Will try to record a new video in acouple of months



CAC/cacib - shows:

BOB- Best of breed Best of Group

BOB- Best of breed Best of breed (x6)
BOB- Best of oppsite sex BOS (x15)

Swedish (x1)
Danish (x2)
Norway (x1)
Bulgaria (x3)
Germany (x1)
Danish (x1)

Norwegian (x1)
Croatian (x1)
Swedish CAC (x1)
Danish CAC (x2)
German CAC (x7)
Croatian CAC-HR (x4)
"Balkan" CAC (x17)

Danish R-CAC (x1)
Swedish R-CAC (x1)
Norwegian R-CAC (x1)
Croatian R-CAC-HR (x2)

CACIB Club-CAC (x6)
German ClubCAC (x6)

honoraryprice BOS-puppy    


Copenhagen winner -13

Balkan winner -14

Top 2 CCD in Denmark -13

Top 2 PP-male in Germany -13

Winner shows:

BOB- Best of oppsite sex BOS
Copenhagen Winner Show -13

3rd Best male Best male 3
Danish winner show -13

BOB- Best of breed BOB
Balkan winner show -14

3rd Best male Best Male 3
Copenhagen Winner Show -14

2nd Best male Best Male 2
Nordic winner show -14


BOB- Best of breed International

BOB- Best of breed Sweden
BOB- Best of breed Denmark
BOB- Best of breed Germany (+Club)
BOB- Best of breed Croatia
BOB- Best of breed Moldova
BOB- Best of breed Montenegro
BOB- Best of breed Cyprus
BOB- Best of breed Azerbajian
BOB- Best of breed Georgia
BOB- Best of breed Costa Rica
BOB- Best of breed Romania
BOB- Best of breed Balkan
BOB- Best of breed Bulgaria (+Grand)




Of to Cool Crowd´s Ze Zatopene Chajdy

CC Dior du Domaine du Président

Legends Black Jack

Sarachi Start Of A Ledend
Crestars Xquizite At Ledends DOM
Vekktra du Domaine Du Président

VDHCH, DCH, INTCH, LVCH, LUXCH, NUCH, CERCH LvW-05, VDH- EuroW -05, German Clubwinner -05, German Bundessieger -05
The Natural N´Co
Black Laced Teddy N´Co
Magic Carpet´s Gladys Night

Razzmatazz War Paint

Razzmatazz Whistlejacket
Razzmatazz Armandita
I fell Lucky N´Co

Blandora Without a doubt
I am all that and more N´co
Lohamras Oh sweet mystery


Lohamras Hot Shot Panda Boy

Lohamras Guldnougat

Omegaville Database

Lohamras Crepe Suzette
Lohamras Emelie Lakritzkola

Prefix Wing Commander
Lohamras Bisquite
Lohamras Ice Cream


Lohamras Dukat

Moonswift Crazy Horse
Prefix Roberta

Lohamras Crepe Suzette

Goldenberry Casanova
Prefix Roberta

(pp) = Powder puff
    (hl)= Hairless

Pedigree with pictures and more info on: Chinesecrested.no




Please, do not use without authers permission!





Wooki´s Show-results

2016 -Ch.class          2015 -Chclass    
16.05.22   Markaryd, SE Nat. Exc.   15.01.31   Stockholm, SE Nat. Exc.
          15.04.27   Dubrovnik, HR Int. Exc.2, R-CAC
          15.04.28   Dubrovnik, HR Int. Exc.1, CAC, R-CACIB
- NEW Croatian champion !



2014 -Ch.class          2013 -Openclass    
14.02.22   Oslo, NO Int. Exc1, CQ, BM3, CACIB   13.02.09    Fredericia, DK Int. Exc1 CQ, CAC, CACIB, BOB
14.03.10-16 Sofia, BG   1xBIG1 4xBOB, 3xCACIB   13.03.16   Fredericia, DK Nat. VG2
         17xCAC & 13NEW TITLES!   13.03.17   Fredericia, DK Nat. Exc2
14.03.22   Malmö, SE Int. Exc.   13.03.24   Malmö Int. VG
14.03.23   Ströby, DK Nat. Exc4, CQ,   13.05.05    Roskilde, DK Int. Exc
14.03.29   Berlin, DE Nat. V1, VDH+CER-CAC   13.05.19    Hässleholm Int. Exc
14.03.30   Berlin, DE Int. V1, VDH+CER-CAC   13.07.12    Tvååker Int. Exc2 CQ, BM3, Res-CAC
14.05.18   H-holm, SE Int. Exc3.   13.08.03    Bremen, DE Int. SG2
14.05.31   N-köping, SE Nat. Exc   13.08.04    Bremen, DE Nat. V1, VDH+CER-CAC, BOB
14.06.01   N-köping, SE Nat. Exc, CQ   13.09.22    Ballerup, DK Int. Exc1 CQ. CAC. CACIB. BOS
Copenhagen winner 2013 !
14.06.08   Vänersborg, SE Int. Exc1, CQ, CAC, CACIB, BOS
- NEW Swedish champion !
  13.09.28    H-magle, DK Nat. Exc3
14.07.24-28 Split, HR   3xCAC 1xR-CAC   13.09.29    H-magle, DK Nat. Exc.
14.08.17 Oslo, No Int. Exc3 CK   13.10.27    Hannover, DE Int. V1, VDH+CER-CAC, R-CACIB, BM2
14.08.23 Leipzig, GE Int. V1 Double VDH-CAC+CER-CAC
- NEW German+Club ch. !
  13.11.02    Herning, DK Int. Exc
14.08.24 Leipzig, GE Int. V1 VDH-CAC+CER-CAC
  13.11.03    Herning, DK Int. Exc1, CQ, BM3, R-CAC, R-CACIB
14.09.21   Hilleröd, DK Int. Exc1. CQ. BM3   13.11.24   Middelfart, DK Nat. VG
14.11.02   Herning, DK Int. Exc          
14.11.14   Lilleström, No Int. Exc. CQ          
14.11.15   Lilleström, NO Int. Exc1. CQ. BM2, R-CAC, R-CACIB          



2012 -Youthclass          2011 -Puppyclass    
12.02.25 Hässleholm   Un-off HP, BOS-puppy   11.08.27   Burlöv Un-Off. HP, BOS-baby, BOS-puppy
12.03.17 Malmö   Int.   Exc.   11.09.03 Hässleholm Un-Off. HP, 2nd best male-puppy
12.03.18 Strøby, DK    Nat.   Exc. 2   11.09.18 Lund Un-Off. HP, 2nd best male-puppy
12.04.01 Luxembourg   Int. VG   11.11.05 Växjö Int. HP. BOS-puppy
12.05.26 Aalborg, DK   Nat. Exc. 1, CQ    11.11.26 Malmö Un-Off unplaced in class
12.05.26 Aalborg, DK   Nat. Exc. 3           
12.05.27 Aalborg, DK   Nat. Exc. 4           
12.06.17 Ballerup, DK   Int. VG. 4           
12.07.07 Tvååker  Int. Exc. 3, CQ           
12.08.11 Ronneby  Nat. Exc. 3. CQ           
12.08.25 Burlöv  Un-off 1st, HP, BOS           
12.10.13 H-magle, DK Nat. Exc. 3           
12.10.14 H-magle, DK Nat. Exc. 2           
12.11.02 Växjö Int. Exc. 2, CQ           
12.11.25 Middlefart, DK Nat. Exc. 2, CQ           



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Markaryd, SE
CC-Special show

CCC National
Judge: Wendy Van Oosten, NL
Price: Exc
Entered dogs: 124

"5 years old male. Nice head. Good proportions. Scissor bite. Nice dark well shaped eyes. Ok body. Straight back. Nice bone. Coat is good in quality. He goes with a lot of reach and drive but he's a bit too proud of his tail"


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Dubrovnik, HR

Hrvatski International
Judge: Roberto Velez Pico, PR
Price: Exc1,CAC, R-CACIB - NEW HRCh!
Entered dogs: 16


No words on this show ...


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Dubrovnik, HR

Hrvatski International
Judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite, LT
Price: Exc2, R-CAC
Entered dogs: 16


Do not understand croatian ;)


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Stockholm, SE - Breed special

CCClub National
Judge: Torbjörn Skaar, SE
Price: Exc
Entered dogs: 77


"Välbalanserad helhet. Bra huvud och uttryck. Bra hals. Tillräckligt vinklad fram och bak, men kunde ha ett något generösare bakställ för bättre stabilitet. Mycket bra kropp. Bra päls. Välvisad. Rör sig väl med fin helhet."


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Lilleström, NORDV-14, NO

NKK International
Judge: Bill Browne-Cole, UK
Price: Exc1, CQ, Best Male 2, R-CAC, R-CACIB
Entered dogs: 88


No words on this show ...


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Lilleström, NV-14, NO

NKK International
Judge: Michael Leonard, Ireland
Price: Exc, CQ
Entered dogs: 84



No words on this show ...


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Herning, DKV-14, DK

DKK International
Judge: Rony Doeijns, NL
Price: Exc
Entered dogs: 54


"Beautiful Power Puff male. Gorgeous head. Strong dental condition. Very nice pigmentation. Lovely topline. Excellent tailset and carrige. Well developed body. Typical rearangulation. Typical coatquality and colour. Tail is to much over the back under move. Well presented "

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Hilleröd, KBHV-14, DK

DKK International
Judge: Rui Oliveira, Portugal
Price: Exc1, CQ, Best male 3



"Very nice head. Good length of back. Good topline and front. Excellent mover"

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Leipzig, Germany

Judge: Lisbeth Mach (CH)



As usual I can't read the paper ;)


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Leipzig, Germany





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Oslo, Norway

Judge: Åsa Andersson (Swe)
Price: Exc3 CK


"Maskulin flott hane på den större sidan. Vackert välskuret huvud med fint maskulint uttryck. Utmärkta öron. Vackra ögon. Fin överlinje. Lite lång i länden. Bra svans. Utmärkta vinklar och kropp. Vacker välpresenterad slöja av utmärkt kvalite. Rör sig bra från sidan med bra steglängd, lite instabil fram"


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Split, Croatia

2xInternational, 2xNational

Price: 3 x CAC-HR and 1 x R-CAC-HR

...one placement from the Croatian Champion title ;)

Steven Seymour: "Strong dog. Excllent coat with good texture. Lovely dark eyes. Very good skull. Correct bone and feet. Needs better neck and shoulder. Topline is strong. Tail carrige good. Profile ..? is very strong. Temperament is Excellent." CAC

Liz Cartledge: "3 years powder puff. Typical head. Good body. Very agile. Clean and well-presented. Steady ..?. Moved well behind but I should like firmer in front. " R-CAC

Tamas Jekkel: "Lovely head and expression. Good neck, shoulders and forechest. Good balance and supstance. Correct coat texture. Moved well." CAC

Igor Vyguzov: No words on this show ...

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Vänersborg, Sweden

SKK International
Judge: Bengt-Åke Bogren Sweden

"Mycket tilltalande powder puff. Härligt kraftfullt huvud utan att vara grovt. Stark rygg. Tillräcklig bröstkorg. Fria rörelser. Vacker, välvårdad päls av rätt kvalité."


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Norrköping, Sweden

SKK National
Judge: Shaun Watson, CY
Price: Exc, CQ ch-class


"Correct for size and bone. Could move just a little wider behind. Good drive. Good reach in front. Good move coming towards you. clean head. Elegant still maskulin. Dark eyes. Well used ears. Could have just a little more neck for balance. Topline could be little better standing. Excellent forchest and deept. Good length and presentation of coat. "


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Norrköping, Sweden

SDHK National
Judge: Pillement-Heijden T
Price: Exc ch-class


"3 years. Very attractive male. Good size. Lovely head. Nice expression. Well angulated. Lovely coat. Presenting himself very well on the move. Could have little bit better tailset. "


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Hässleholm, Sweden

SKK International
Judge: Carmen Navarro Guisado, SPSpain
Price: Exc3 ch-class


"Nice expression. Excellent pigmentation. Good proportions in skull and muzzle. Correct bite. Well placed ears. Good quality coat. Good topline. I would like body a little shorter. Movement correct. "


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Berlin, Germany

VDH International
Judge: Stefan Wächter
Price: V1, VDH+CER-CAC Openclass


Can not read anything from the paper :(


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Berlin, Germany

VDH National
Judge: Raine Jacobs
Price: V1, VDH+CER-CAC Openclass


This is what I can read:
"Maskuline and excellent head, correct body and angulation. Elegant and excellent coat. Moves with ... good reach? "


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Ströby, Denmark

KSS National
Judge: Leif Lehmann Jörgensen, dk Denmark
Price: Exc4, CQ, Ch-class


"3 år gammel, velbygget maskulin han, godt hoved, gode örer og öjne och bid. God hals. Stark ryg. Godt ansat hael. Kunne have lidt dybere brystkasse. Godt forbryst. Velvinklet bag. Godth benstammer. Gode poter. Beveger sig godt fra siden och bag, passende fast for. God pels farve. Prima temperament. "


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Malmö, Sweden

SKK International
Judge: Hans Almgren Sweden
Price: Exc openclass


"Regäl hane med vackert huvud som är välskuret. Släta kinder. Kunde ha mer mejsling under huden. Välansatta öron. Utmärkta propportioner. Står väl på små medel. Kraftiga ben. Riklig päls med bra struktur. Trevligt temperament. Sund i rörelserna. Kunde ha mer finess(?) i huvudet och bättre markerad haka. "

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Sofia, Bulgaria
14.03.10 - 14.03-16

14x National, 3x International shows

1 Best In Group
4 Best Of Breed
13 Best Of Opposite Sex
17 CAC
1 Winner title
12 New Champion titles

Best in group!

March 10th:
Moldova 1 - BOS - CAC   (J: Nikolina Davidovska)  
              Montenegro 1 - BOS - CAC   (J: Stefan Popov)
March 11th: Moldova 2 - BOS - CAC   (J: Petru Monteaun)
NEW Danish champion DKCh o Moldavian Champion MOLCh

              Montenegro 2 - BOS - CAC   (J: Liudmila Lavrova)
NEW Champion of Montenegro MNCh

March 12th: Azerbajian 1 - BOS - CAC   (J: Zvi Kupferberg)  
              Georgia 1 - BOS - CAC   (J: Chris Zeniou)
              Romania 1 - BOB - CAC - BIG1  (J: Antoan Hlebrov)
March 13th:
Azerbaijan 2 - BOS - CAC   (J: Stefan Stefik)
NEW Champion of Azerbajian AZCh
              Georgia 2 - BOS - CAC   (J: Eododtos Neofitou)
NEW Georgian Champion GEOCh

              Romania 2 - BOS - CAC   (J: Nebojsa Savicic)
NEW Champion of Romania ROMCh

March 14th: Cyprus 1 - BOS - CAC   (J: Nikolina Davidovska)  
              Bulgaria 1 - BOS - CAC - CACIB - Best PP  (J: Radoslav Stoynow)
March 15th: Cyprus 2 - BOB - CAC   (J: Antoan Hlebrov)
NEW Champion of Cyprus CYCh
              Costa Rica 1 - BOB - CAC   (J: Pampos Charalambous)
              Bulgaria 2 - BOS - CAC - CACIB  (J: Dragan Janic)
NEW Bulgarian Champion BGCh

March 16th: Costa Rica 2 - BOS - CAC   (J: Kasimir Todorov)
NEW Costa Rican Champion CRCh
              Bulgaria 3 - BOB - CAC - CACIB   (J: Georgi Hristozov)
NEW Balkan Champion BALCh o Bulgarian Grand Champion BGGr.Ch o "BALKAN WINNER 2014"


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Oslo, Norway

NKK International
Judge: Andrzej Kazmierski, PLPoland
Price: Exc1, CQ, BM3, CACIB


"Excellent type, size and general impression. Proud. Covered with straight long coat. Moves freely, allthough on one trace when coming. "



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Middelfart, Denmark

KSS National
Judge: Jakub Kruczek, PL Poland
Price: Very good


"Bigger size. Very elegant maskuline head. Correct topline. Long tail. He is top skinny. Very narrow front. To shallow chest. Very good rear angulation. Very nice coat texture. Short movement. Excellent carrige in the ring. "



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Herning, Denmark
Danish winner show 2013

DKK International
Judge: Roberto Schill, Ro Romania
Price: Exc1, CQ, BM3, R-CAC, R-CACIB

"Very elegant male. Correct head with good proportions. Good size. Dark eyes. Elegant neck. Leveltopline. Chest should be a little bit deeper. Correct legs. Well set and carried tail. Elegant movement. Very good temperament and coat. "

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Herning, Denmark

DKK International
Judge: Csaba Zsolt Lokodi, Ro Romania
Price: Excellent


"Conviks back, short neck, beautiful head, correct bite, french bones in front, good chest and forechest, good hair in showcondition, open elbows. "



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Hannover, Germany

VDH International
Judge: Karin Voye Germany

It says so much on the paper, but unfortunatly its in German and poor handwriting, so I can't read it :(



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Herlufmagle, Denmark

KSS National
Judge: Peer Primoz, SL Slovenia
Price: Exc.


"Elegant PP. Good in proportions. Correct head. Needs more body. Strong loin. Very good front. Excellent hind. Strong mover."


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Herlufmagle, Denmark

KSS National
Judge: Maja Korosec Slovenia
Price: Exc.3


"Nice male. Good body proportions. Elegant head. Good expression. Good topline. Has a bit narrow chest. Excellent elegant movement. Nice coat."


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Ballerup, Denmark
Copenhagen winner show 2013

DKK International
Judge: Adam Ostrowski Polen
Price: Exc.1 CQ, CAC, CACIB, BOS and "KBVH-13"

"A bit too big. Very nice head. Correct bite. Beautiful eyes. Correct neck and topline. Tail a bit too curly. Too narrow front and back legs. Nice movements. Good coat"


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Bremen, Germany

VDH Nationel
Judge: Wera Hübenthal Norway

"Excellent size and type. Lovely head and expression. Nice ?. Well developed body. Excellent ponds(?) and angulation. Moving very well. Lovely coat and temperament."


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Bremen, Germany

VDH International
Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjort Norway
Price: SG2


- Had a VERY hard time trying to read AND translate from german, but here is what I understood/could read:

"Very good type and size. Excellent head. Correct bite. Very beautiful ..?... Very good neck. Excellent angulation. Very good chest. Excellent coat. Could be firmer in front. Good side-movements."

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SKK International
Judge: Dianne Spavin
Price: Exc2. Best male 3. Res-CAC


"Correct veil coat. Super head. Good mouth. Good front. Nice bone. Pleasing outline. Good quarters. Good tail carrige. Found mover."


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SKK International
Judge: Arne Foss Italy
Price: Excellent


"Maskulin på större sidan. Mycket vackra ögon. Utmärkt bett. Välburna öron. Front i utveckling. Tillräcklig längd på bröstkorg. Aningen lång i länden. Tillräckliga vinklar. Rör sig med bra påskjut. Utmärkt överlinje i rörelserna. Välvisad"


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Roskilde, Denmark

DKK International
Judge: Dusan Paunovic, Serbia
Price: Excellent


"2 years. Correct size. Little long in body. Good head and expressions. Correct chest. Good bones. Straight in front angulation. Correct topline and tailset. Good angulation behind. Close in behind moving. Good temprement "


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SKK International
Judge: Birgitta Svarstad Italy
Price: Very good


"Stor. Maskulint präglad. Bra skalle. Något långt nosparti. Mörka ögon. korrekt bett. Välansatta öron. God resning. Ännu lite tunn i kroppen. Bra ben och tassar. Något knappt vinklad bak. Rör sig lätt. Bär svansen korrekt. Ännu trånga rörelser fram. Välskött päls. Mkt välpresenterad. Skulle vara ett nummer mindre "

- hehehe, tunn och knappa vinklar vare ja ;)

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Fredericia, DK

KSS National
Judge: Martin Baskaran Soto Spain
Price: Exc2


"2 years old. Big boy with nice head and expression. Correct bite. Enough neck. Enough front angulation but prominent forechest. Correct topline and body. Correct rear angulation but would like shorter hocks. Moves well with good reach. "


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Fredericia, DK

KSS National
Judge: Elisabetta De Luca Italy
Price: Very good. 2nd in class.


"2 years. Excellent head and expression. Good proportions. Good nose. Correct bite. Good neck and shoulder. Very dark eyes. Good coat. Good feet. To big in size. Correct croupe. Moves very elegantly but the tail is touching the back when moving. "


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Fredericia, DK

DKK International
Judge: G. Alessandra Italy
Price: Exc. 1st in class, CQ, CAC, CACIB, BOB

"20 months. Good type size and coat. Masculin nice face. Strong front. Nice expression. Strong body. Good topline. Strong angulation. Very nice movement"


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Middelfart, DK

KSS National
Judge: Peter J. Van Baaren-Grob, NL
Price: Exc2. CK


"20 months. Powderpuff. Beautyfull breedtype. Large size. Beautyfully proportioned head. Excellent eyes. Well tapered muzzle. If Im critical I would like more depth in underjaw. Well placed ears. I would like slightly more layback in shoulder. Good spring of rib. Would like a little more depth and a longer breastbone. Nice bone for size. Good loins. Good tailsett but he carries his tail too curied up over his back in movement wich is a real shame. Escellent coat condition. Beautyfull texture. Goes with flair "


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SKK International
Judge: Åsa Andersson
Price: Exc. 2nd in class. CK


"Ståtlig maskulin hane med utmärkt proportioner. På den större sidan. Vackert välskuret huvud med fin baland mellan detaljerna. Mycket fin överlinje. Bra svans. Utmärkta vinklar, bröstkorg och rörelser. Mycket vacker välskött päls av utmärkt kvalité. Välpresenterad"


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KSS National
Judge: Laurent Heinesche, Luxembourg
Price: Exc3


"Correct face. front a little bit open. Good topline. Could be alittle bit more solid. chest should be deeper and more developed? Tailset and position. Acc. texture. Narrow movement behind, alittle bit open in fron. nice profile carriage "


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Herlufmagle, DK

KSS National
Judge: Jussi Liimatainen
Price: Exc. 2nd in class


"Tall but very stylish male. Very elegant long head. Beautiful eyes. Wellcarried neck. Solid topline. Nice front but needs more chest. Enough body for age, could be shorter in loin. Very well angulated rear. Lovely tailset, Excellent light coat. Exc mover, nice carraige. "

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Burlövs BK Un-officiall
Judge: Nina Jonzon
Price: 1st in class, HP, BOS


"18 månader hane. Vackert huvud. Utmärkt bett. Vackra ögon. Rör sig mycket väl med bra påskjut. Tilltalande storlek. Bra ben och tassar. Bra rygg. Vacker päls och färg. Bra svans och svansansättning. Utmärkt temperament. Lovande. Välvisad "

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Blekinge KK National
Judge: Ron Besoff, Aus
Price: Exc. CQ. 3rd in class


"Dog of good porportions. Correct head and expression. Well angulated. Would like to see a better spring of rib. Correct topline. Shows good reach and drive. A little wide in front movements, moved well behind "

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Hallands KK International
Judge: Peter Van Baaren.Grob, NL
Price: Exc. CQ. 3rd in class


"Beautiful breed-representative. Powder puff. Up to size. Golden Sable. Masculine head. Lovely faceproportions. Beautiful eyes. Very nice ears. Lovely finges(?). Correct bite. Nice tight lips. Could have more layback of shoulder. Very good ribs. Good depth. Nice round croup. Correct tailset and length. Coat of excellent texture. Moves with Elegance & style. Very well presented. "

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Ballerup, Denmark

DKK International
Judge: Andreas Schemel Österrike
Price: VG. 4th in class


"Dropear powderpuff. Builled on a very large. Also rather long in cast. Head goes with type. Masculin still typical. Dark full almond eyes. Wellcarried ears. A bit corse in muzzle. Very good shoulder. Rather heavy in bone. Good hindangulation. Excellent tailset. Rather round in croup. Well kept coat. Good sidegate. A bit close in behind and loose in front. Undoubtly an agile happy dog but to big for me "

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Aalborg, Denmark

KSS National
Judge: Clodagh Fallon (Ireland)
Price: Exc. 4th in class


"14 months old PP. Good coat. Nice head, neck and topline. Good angulation, fron and rear. Correct tailset. Good mover."


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Aalborg, Denmark

KSS National
Judge: Andi Hudono (Indonesia)
Price: Exc. 3rd in class


"14 months old male. Nice head and expression. Dark eyes. Bite ok. Good front. Very good hindquarters. Correct topline and tailset. Powder puff. Moves well"


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Aalborg, Denmark

KSS National
Judge: Rajic Branislav Slovenia
Price: Exc. CQ - 1st in juniorclass


"15months. Wonderful color and good coat. Maskuline head. Excellent front. Strong ribbcage. Good topline, angulation and tail. Strong bone with muscles. Correct feet. Excellent pigmentation. Very sound mover."

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FCL International
Judge: Nemanja Jovanovic (Serbie)
Price: Very good


No words from the judge was distributed in Luxemburg

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Strøby, DK 12.03.18

Judge: Ole Staunskjær Denmark
Price: Excellent, 2nd in class


"1 år gammal. Skal ikke blive større. Velskåret hoved med prima længd i skalle och næseparti. Godt udtryk. Korrekt bid vælansatte ører. Prima hals og overlinie velansat og båret hale. Godt vinklet fremm og bag. Prima farve og pels. Bevæger sig med godt afsku og med masser af udstråling "

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Malmö 12.03.17

SydSkånska KK
Judge: Vella Harry, Malta
Price: Excellent (5th/reserv in class)


"Nice masculine head. Correkt bite. Good pigmentation. Super temperament. Correkt topline and hindquarters. Coat in very good condition. Would prefer slightly shorter loin. Moves well."

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Hässleholm 12.02.25

Nordskånska KK
Judge: Mirko Lunden Sweden
Price: 1st 9-12months, HP, Best Male, BOS


"Mycket tilltalande, 11månader gammal Powder puff. Välskuret huvud. Välplacerade mörka ögon. Korrekt placerade öron. Torr hals. Stark rygg och rör sig fritt och trevligt runt om. Utmärkt päls. Trevligt temperament. Välvisad. "

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Malmö 11.11.26

Sydskånska KK
Judge: Svein E Björmed
Price: unplaced


"God typ. En aning hög som helhet. Mkt bred skalle. Mkt bra pigg och vackra ögon. Välansatta öron. Vacker fin hals. Mkt lång i ländpartiet. Raka fina framben. Önskar starkare rygg. För högt ansatt svans. Önskar bättre vinklar bak. Rör sig med eleganta rörelser. Fin päls. Mkt gott temperament"

(Do we talk about the same dog? ;)

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Växjö 11.11.05

Småland-Ölands KK
Judge: Laurent Pichard Switzerland
Price: HP, BOS-Puppy (Out of 15 puppies!)


"Very stylish. 7,5 months. Good showing condition. Very clean lines in head. Scissor-bite. Beautiful eyesform and expression. Exc shoulders. Proper neck. Exc hindquarter. Proud mover but tail slightly curving over body "

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Lund 11.09.18

Lunds KB Un-official
Judge: Annika Berntsson Sweden
Price: HP, 2nd best male-puppy (4-6m)


"6 månader handvalp. Mycket maskulint huvud och uttryck. Korrekt bett. Välvinklad fram och bak. Bra bringa och förbröst. Bra rygg och välansattsvans. Bra pälskvalité. Rör sig mycket bra runt om. Välvisad. Trevligt temperament. "

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Hässleholm 11.09.03

Hässleholms BK Un-official
Domare: Christer Ivarsson Sweden
Price: HP, 2nd best male-puppy (4-6m)


"Maskulin hane av mycket god typ och stil. Mycket vackert huvud med fina detaljer. Bra hals. Något lång i länden. Välansatt och buren svans. Normala vinklar fram. Välvinklad bad. Vacker päls och färg. Rör sig med härlig stil och resning. "

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Burlöv 11.08.17

Burlövs BK Un-official
Domare: Eddie Nilsson Sweden
Price: HP, Best male-puppy, BOS-Baby (4-6m)


"5 månader hane. Tilltalande huvud och uttryck. Korrekt bett med för dagen lite många tänder. Bra proportioner på huvudet. Härlig överlinje. Bra bröstkorg. Rör sig mycket väl. Välvisad! "


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